About Tim Tolford


Tim has been involved with photography since the age of 10 when given his first camera … a Brownie Bullet!

Following formal training through high school and college photography courses and experiential training and guidance through apprenticeships ‘in the field’ from amateur and professional photographers and hobbiests, Tim became “the guy with the camera.”

Experience includes: University public relations photography, free-lance photography for local news media and fire departments, darkroom developer/printer, Family Portraits. Senior Photos, Home Decor (Landscape and Scenery) Photography, Wedding and Special Events, Promotional Advertisements and Brochure Photography, Bird Portraits© and specializing in Youth Sports/Sports Memories.

Tim’s interest and emphasis on digital hi-resolution bird close-ups evolved from his life long involvement in volunteer research as a Field Ornithologist. In about 2000, Tim labeled the bird close-ups as “Bird Portraits.” It is a focused style first conceptualized by Tim when all other bird photographers were going for the best bird-in-the-field photo, or bird book photo. Tim wanted to do something different, hence the unique and one-of-a-kind posing of Tim’s “Bird Portraits.” All others ‘Bird Portraits’ are imitations!

Over the past decade +, Tim has developed a passion and specialty as a state-of-the-art, hi-resolution digital sports photographer specializing in youth sports and action sports. This branch-off is called “Midwest Sportsography” which includes National, industry-standard-setting  professional designs for youth sports leagues and teams with hundreds of sports memory items on which to have your action and/or sports photo including FATHEAD products!

Photos by Tim Tolford
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