This may be the only opportunity to digitally capture your special occasion! Making the right choice with a photographer is extremely important!

Every professional photographer has a strength or specialty. If they advertise a specialty, this is what you should expect to get the best possible service from.

The emphasis of Tolford Photography is Sports/Action Photography and Special Events/Parties. However, I will always be available for weddings!


What questions should you ask? Whatever YOU think is important to you on YOUR special day!

What can Tolford Photography assure YOU?

You will get the best possible and personalized service!

You will get what you are promised!

You will be treated like family … not just another customer.

The entire process from beginning to end will be well organized.

You will be an active participant in planning your photo day!

It will be a fun and relaxing experience.


A special note to groups/teams/leagues, etc. when deciding on a photographer.

“Consistency and knowing what to expect from year to year is important, even significant in the whole process of organizing and running your league/group smoothly. When you find a product that meets the needs of the league/group, especially with quality and where fundraising is available, why change. It’s about doing business, not just giving anyone and everyone an opportunity. If and when the product no longer seems to be working, or no longer becomes available, that is when bidding should be revisited.”