Early 1980’s: Apprenticeship with a professional photographer.

1984-1986: Completed two High School photography courses.

1986: First wedding. A military wedding in San Antonio, Tx. Second wedding on a riverboat in Cincinnati, OH.

1987-current: Wedding Photographer

1987 & 1991: Completed two college photography courses.

1989-1991: Photographer, office of public information at a University.

1989-1991: Darkroom developer, Local Newspaper and Fire Department Photographer.

1990’s: Additional in-the-field training with a professional photographer.

2000: Conceptulaized ©Bird Portraits

2006: Action photography which evolved into sports photography.

2010: Created “Midwest Sportsography”

2010-present: Focus is on Sports Photography, Special Events/Parties and Weddings.

Brownie Bullet
Kodak Point and Shoot
Mamayi/Sekor 500 dtl – 35mm
Mamayi/Sekor 1000 dtl – 35mm
Mamayi C220 twin lens reflex
Mamayi C330 twin lens reflex
Nikon 2002 – 35mm
Olympus E20 – Digital
Nikon D3 – Digital